Monday, November 17, 2014

Tennis Ball Christmas Ornaments for Dog Themed Christmas Tree

On Saturday we are decorating the animal shelter for the holidays.  We are going to decorate the tree in the cattery with cat toys.  The dog tree is going to be in the lobby.  Since I'm not a dog person, I needed some feedback from others on how to decorate it.  We want to decorate the tree with items that can be used by the shelter once the tree comes down.  One of the Adoption Counselors suggested hanging tennis balls from the tree.  I decided to try it out myself before having the other volunteers do it on Saturday.

This craft is for adults only!

Supplies Needed:
Tennis Balls
Decorative Cord

Cut an X into the top the tennis ball.  Be careful that the tennis ball doesn't roll while you are making the cuts.

Cut 12 inches of the cord.  I used elastic cord for decorating presents but you could probably use any ribbon or string.
Tie the two ends together to form a loop.  I double tied it so that the knot is fairly big and won't slip out.
Stuff the knot into the hole in the top of the tennis ball.  I used the scissors to help stuff it in the ball.
Then tie a bow on the top of the ball.
We should be able to pull out the cord after the Christmas so that the dogs can play with the balls.
I think they will look great on the dog-themed tree and the dogs will appreciate their new toys!


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