About Us

My name is Jenny.  I am the mama to three cats, Gus, Pearl, and Jaq.  All of whom are named after the mice in Cinderella.   In addition to my own cats, I also volunteer and foster for a Kansas City area animal shelter.  This is the story of my cats as they train foster kittens at the Purr's Training Acatemy.  Let me introduce you to the stars of As the World Purrs.

Gus - Chief Cat Officer and President of the Purr's Acatemy
Gus came to live at Acatemy when a neighbor girl rang the doorbell and asked if I could help with a kitten she found.  Her family was allergic to cats and animal control wouldn't come pick him up.  After trying to find him a home, he became a permanent family member.  That was in 2006.

Pearl - Professor of Feline Etiquette

Pearl was 9 weeks old when she became part of the family in 2008.  Pearl was adopted from Purrfect Pets.  Pearl was semi-feral when I adopted her.  I made a lot of mistakes in her upbringing.  That led me researching how to help othe cats so they can become more adoptable.

Jaq - Instructor of Mischief
Jaq was adopted from Great Plains SPCA in 2010.  He was free roaming in the cat room.  When I went into the room Jaq was on top of the kennels but soon came down to check me out.  Within a matter of minutes I knew he was the one for me. Jaq has yet to learn what the word "No" means.


  1. I have to tell you I LOVE the layout and artwork on your blog. Did Glogirly do it? It is my favorite. www.catchatiwthcarenandcody.com

  2. Hello Jenny & Gus, Pearl & Jaq: It is a pleasure to meet all of you!!!
    I adopted Purrince Siddhartha Henry back in Dec. 2014 & he is semi-feral>>>WOW!!! It is a whole new ball game from a domesticated cat or even an abandoned rescue cat! I have made a few mistakes also. Little by little I am starting to understand Siddhartha Henry...Is there a handbook on how to live with a whirlwind on 4 paws??? ;)
    Sherri-Ellen aka Nylabluesmum aka 'LadyMum' now