Sunday, December 28, 2014

#SundaySelfie @ Grandma's House and #SelflessSunday

Gus:  Since it is  Sunday Selfie day I thought I'd share this picture of me snooping in a box in Mama's closet at Grandma's house.  Did you know Mama use to be little and played with dolls and stuff?  There was also some flowers she had for something called "prom" and a basket she carried in Uncle Jim and Aunt Suzanne's wedding.  Nothing exciting for a manly cat like me!  I think I'll just take the box!

This post is part of the Sunday Selfie blog hop hosted by the cats at The Cat on My Head.  Hop over to their site and check out the other Sunday Selfie entries.


We are going to start something new called Selfless Sunday where we will feature one of the kitties Mama helps at Great Plains SPCA.

This is Delilah and she is 6 years old.  Delilah has been at Great Plains SPCA's Merriam Campus for over a year.  Why has such a beautiful girl been at the shelter that long?  Good question!  I wish we had an answer.
Part of it is because she has black fur.  It often takes longer for black cats to be adopted.  Some people are superstitious and think a black cat will bring them bad luck.  Pearl is all black and I think I'm really lucky to have her as a sister.
Other people think black cats don't have much personality because they can't see their features as well.  Pearl definitely has personality and Delilah does too!
Another reason why Delilah hasn't found her furrever family is that she isn't a floozy.  She isn't going to give her purrs away to just anyone.  Delilah just needs a little more time to get to know people before she decides if she likes them or not.
Then there was that awful rumor going around the shelter that she only like men.  It's NOT true!  She likes both men and women!  She loves my Mama.  She will sit on Mama's lap forever if she would let her.  I would be jealous but this is Selfless Sunday.  Needless to say, Delilah would make a GREAT lap cat.
If you would like a lucky, personality filled, discerning, sweet, lap cat, Delilah would be the cat for you!  You can find out more about Delilah here.


  1. I think just taking the box is a splendid idea. Delilah is just gorgeous and I hope she finds her forever home soon. thank you for helping her.

  2. Boxes are fun, even if they have stuff in them.
    I know what it's like to be a black cat in a shelter, waiting for your forever family to come in. It took me several months, but I found my forever mom & dad and it's worked out perfectly. I won't say black cats are better than any other color cat, but we can be awesome! The only thing that may be true about black cats is that it's a little harder to get good photos of us, but that's hardly a "problem" when it comes to being a great kitty. I hope Delilah finds her forever family soon. She has beautiful, sleek black furs and a gorgeous rust-colored nose.

    1. You are right, Raven about the photos. My mama has an awful time getting good pictures of my sister, Pearl. It's a shame because you, Pearl, and Delilah are so beautiful!