Friday, January 9, 2015

Pearl's Purrls of Wisdom #2 - Most Humans Are Good

Pearl:  The next purrl of wisdom is that most humans are good.  This is a very important lesson to teach our students.  Unfortunately, many of the kittens don't already know this.

I have to remind MYSELF of this rule everyday. It is a hard one.  Sometimes I forget and I run from my Mama.  What can I say?  I like to reap the benefits from humans on my own terms.  Mama blames herself because she didn't "socialize" me properly when I was a baby.  I think it all turned out OK though.  Because of me, Mama read and read about how to socialize cats.  Now she helps other cats.  I think she is getting pretty good at it.  Of course, she couldn't do it without me, Gus and Jaq!

You'll notice I said most humans are good.  Unfortunately, there are some bad ones.  Gus knows about bad people first hand.  He had a "traumatic accident" that took off 2/3rd of his tail before he came to live with Mama.  Gus has blocked it out, but Mama and I think a bad man hurt him because he is afraid of men.

Overall, humans are good.  They give us good food and treats.  They play with us.  They cuddle with us.  They have nice warm laps.  They give great massages.  I love my human!  I think everyone should have one.

Mama, will you turn on the heating pad for me now?  Aaaahhh, humans are good!


  1. Both of you have found a fantastic human. Your human is better than mine.....but maybe your post will teach her that I should have a heating pad.

    1. If you can't tell, we are rather spoiled. Although I think a lot of it is bribes so we will tolerate the foster kittens. - Pearl

  2. We agree with you, Pearl, most humans are good. But it's the bad ones that ruin it for everybuddy. Enjoy your heating pad. We need one of those.

  3. I am glad you and Gus have a great home.