Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ready for the Big Game

The cats at Great Plains SPCA are very excited about the Bowl games this weekend.  Super, kitten, puppy, you name it, they are ready for it!  They would LOVE to watch the games with you!

Referee , Gracie would love to oversee the action from the comfort of your lap!

Miss Tris would love to be a linebacker but she would be just as happy being a couch potato next to you.

How about drafting Alex to your team?

Will you help Stanley score a touchdown by adopting him to your team?

Delilah thinks she would make a better cheerleader than football player.  She could cheer for you everyday!

Rio is normally a quiet cat but when his team is trying to have the loudest stadium in the world, he does his part.

Some of the Great Plains SPCA football stars have already found their furrever home.

Katie LOVES football!  Her new family is so happy to have a star running back like Katie on their team!

Snowflake didn't settle for a fieldgoal, She's doing her touchdown dance right now with her new family.

Greystoke takes his job of referee very seriously!  Greystoke will be refereeing from his new home!

Pumpernickel will be cheering from his new home.

Sophie thinks she's #1 now that she has a new family!

Mardo was disappointed he didn't make it to the Kitten Bowl, but having a new family totally makes up for it!

Bette did the quarterback sneak and snuck right into the hearts of her new family.

Thanks, Kristen Waggener for your photography skills!


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    I am visiting from the Blog Paws community and just wanted to say hello. I hope you visit me too at

  2. Hi

    I am visiting from the Blog Paws community and just wanted to say hello. I hope you visit me too at

  3. Such sweethearts! Hope all of the newly adopted have wonderfully happy lives and that those still waiting get picked soon :)

  4. Love all the photos! They are all so cute. And so ready for Sunday! Sending lots of purrs that they get adopted soon.

  5. they are so darling! I tweeted them and also posted them on our Facebook fan page. Love from Cody and Caren

  6. Aw, they're all so cute! We'll be watching the Kitten Bowl...our favorite game!

    1. We're sad we don't get the Hallmark Channel so we can't watch the Kitten Bowl. :(