Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Not Quite #WordlessWednesday - Hi!

Gus:  I know it is suppose to be Wordless Wednesday, but Tracey wanted to say "Hi".  She's getting more comfortable.  Mama even introduced us all face to face.  Tracey is inquisitive but respects her teachers.  Only Jaq got a little hissy.  He wants everyone to think he's the boss (he's not).

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  1. Faraday: Waitaminit, Jaq. Don't roll over on that one. You da BOSS!

  2. Good to see Tracey getting more comfortable!!

  3. We somehow missed that you all are fostering! Tracey sure is pretty. Good to hear she is settling in! :)

  4. Well hi there, Tracey! We're glad you wanted to say hello today.