Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking the Crown

Tooty:  I loves my crown.  I'm a princess.

Millie:  Whatcha got, Toots?

Tooty:  Get your paws off my crown!

Tooty: It's mine!  Millie:  Nopes!  I think I'll take it.

Millie:  I loves my crown.  I'm a princess.

You may have noticed the Furever Loyal t-shirt in the background.  You can get your own Furever Loyal t-shirt from Great Plains SPCA's Etsy Shop.  Hurry and get yours!


  1. MOL! We think you need another crown because you're both princesses!

  2. Such cuties :) I hope someone gets another crown for you.

  3. So cute ! We hope you got another crown, one for each of you ! Purrs