Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday at BlogPaws

OMC!  The Mama got to meet celebricat Summer from Sparkle Cat.

She also got to meet Coco the Couture Cat.

She has yet to meet the elusive Waffles and Katie from Glogirly but there were plenty of other things to see and do.

In the Cat Style Lounge sponsored by Hauspanther there were crafts.  We have no idea what the Mama is going to do with these glasses but we do like the feathers.

There were tons of cool things in the Cat Style Lounge but we will share those later.

The best thing though is that the Mama got MORE swag!  We can't wait for her to get home and share it with us!


  1. Sounds like your Mom is having fun. I hope she gets to meet Waffles.

  2. Yes! I can't wait to meet them tonight!

  3. Your Mom can feel free to mail those glasses to my Mom. My Mom is DYING to have them!! She always wears sunglasses (which you know from the banner on my blog!)
    Hope by now you found Katie and Waffles!

  4. Wow! We can't wait to get our paws on all that swag too. Hurry home, the mom!