Monday, July 6, 2015

All Clear!

Gus:  We had some excitement tonight.  We had a tornado warning!


Gus:  (rolls eyes)  We did not almost die.  The tornado wasn't that close to us.  Let me tell the story, Jaq.

There was a tornado in our city.  The Mama's friend sent us a photo that her neighbor took.

Photo courtesy of Mary Mordy

Jaq: was only a couple miles away.  The Mama wasn't here and the sirens were going off.

Gus:  The Mama got home a few minutes after the sirens sounded.  We are prepared for times like this.  It doesn't help to get stressed out about it.

Gus:  We have our disaster bag in the basement in case of emergencies.  The Mama even brought down extra treats!  Treats always make things better!

Gus:  The Mama grabbed us and the minions students as soon as she got home and we all went down to the basement.

Jaq:  But...but...what about Pearl and Asha?

Gus:  The Mama couldn't catch them so she hoped they would be OK during the storm wherever they were hiding.

I kept checking on the other students to make sure they were all right.  They were a little scared, but I tried to comfort them.

Gus:  The Mama brought her laptop down to the basement so we could keep an eye on the storm.  What did we do before technology?

Gus:  Finally, we were given the all clear.  We couldn't wait to get back upstairs after all the excitement was over.

Gus:  We made it safely through the storm.  We hope all the other kitties in the area were safe too!  Remember kitties, always be prepared!


  1. I am glad you are all OK. Your Mom does a great job taking care of you and being prepared.

  2. Wow, that musta been kinda scary. Glad you're all okay. You sure are well prepared for emergencies.

  3. omg that is the scariest photo ever!! Thank goodness everyone is ok, 2 miles away is CLOSE!!!!

  4. BTW your disaster bag in the basement is a genius idea. We live in a condo/apt complex with a shared basement, but we have our own storage area which is quite large and it has a door that locks. I think I am going to try and create something similar and keep it down there. That idea is brilliant.

    1. It is always good to be prepared! I hope nothing bad happens but you never know.

  5. We're glad you're OK. Your blogpost is a great example of "being ready for emergency". Purrs

  6. Yup! We were lured down to the basement with CANNED NOMS. While Allie (of all kitties) ignored. WHAZZUP wif DAT?
    Good thing the sirens quit early in the evening. WHEWwwww.

  7. Oh my goodness kitties, that was glad that you are all safe and that all was well in your area. Hope your week and weather is good!

  8. Oh my goodness, that must be scary. Any tornado is too close! People always say they'd be scared to live in California (where we are) because of earthquakes. But I think tornados are much scarier and more destructive than earthquakes. Hopefully you won't have any more tornado scares this year.