Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Things We Love - and Weruva Treats

Jaq:  Since tonight is Asha's last night as Purr's Training Acatemy, I thought I would let Asha do the review of Weruva's Paw Lickin Chicken treats for  Asha, what do you think of the treats?

Asha:  nom nom nom nom

Jaq:  ASHA?!?

Asha:  nom nom nom nom

Jaq:  What I'm sure Asha would say if she wasn't stuffing her face is that these treats are delicious!  I love them too and I'm not even a treat kind of guy.  Pearl is the only one of us that doesn't like them.

Jaq: The first ingredient in these treats is chicken.  Know what the second ingredient is?  Nothing!  The only ingredient is chicken!  Only freeze dried chicken!

Weruva uses quality ingredients and the Mama feels good about feeding it to us.  Right now, has the Paw Lickin' Chicken treats on sale!  How lucky are you?

As always is awesome!  We just ordered our canned food from them.  Their website is easy to use, their products are reasonably priced and our order got here quickly.

Thanks for the treats!

If I'm feeling nice tomorrow, I might even give Asha the rest of the treats as a going away gift.

Sponsored Post - The food was gifted by, but all opinions in this post are our own.