Friday, October 30, 2015

Famous Kittens

Gus:  It's true.  The kittens that are taking the internet by storm were students at our Acatemy.   They've graduated and found their furever homes.

 WHAT???  You haven't seen the videos yet?  You have to see them!

Aren't they awesome!  Thanks to Maxwell, Faraday, and Allie's Mom from A Tonk's Tail for making these videos and allowing our students to star in them.  

Feel free to comment on how adorable our students are!  Oh, and share the videos with your friends and family.  After all, who doesn't love cat videos?


  1. These are so cute. Very exciting for you that your students are stars.

  2. All I can say is "too darn cute"!!! Thank you for visiting my blog post about Queen Noire

  3. We saw these videos and we hafta say, they are the cutest!

  4. We loved the videos, what a great job the kitties did starring in them!

  5. We saw these videos earlier and they are adorable.