Thursday, March 11, 2021

Opal is 100% Cat

If Opal was a dog, she would be called a mutt or mongrel.  She is a mix of so many types of cats.  On her forehead, I can see the M of tabby stripes.  Her tail has the black and orange spots of a tortoiseshell.  Her stomach has white spots like a calico.  She has point coloration and blue eyes like a Siamese.  

Because of her uniqueness, I couldn't wait to have her DNA tested to know what breeds she has in her.  I received a Basepaws DNA test kit for Christmas (Thank you, mom!).  The test kit was easy to follow.  It included a swab for me to wipe the inside of Opal's mouth.  Opal didn't enjoy it but I was able to do it for the recommended time.  I packaged the kit up and put it in the mail.  And then I waited.  And waited.  It says it takes 4 to 6 weeks.  Opal's results took almost 7 weeks but I finally got them!  

I'm not sure what I expected but these results were definitely not it!  

Basepaws allows you to determine the statistical degree of confidence from confident to maybe.  The breeds vary by each degree.  Polycat is basic cat.

They are Confident that Opal is these breeds.

It is Likely that Opal is these breeds.

It is Probable that Opal has these breeds.

It is Possible that Opal has these breeds

Opal Maybe has these breeds

So why was I so shocked by Opal's results?  Opal's results don't include any Siamese until the lowest degree of confidence and then it is only 7%.  Why is this shocking?  Opal has point coloration which is only found in breeds related to Siamese.  

You may be asking what is point coloration?  It is a form of albinism where the color of the fur isn't activated until the cat's body temperature is below a certain temperature.  Siamese kittens are born white since it was nice and toasty inside their mother's womb.  Once they are born and their body begins to cool, the color gets activated.  Since their ears, nose, feet and tails gets colder faster, the color is darker in those areas.  This creates what is called points.  Usually, you can start seeing the points when the kitten is a week old but they get darker as the kitten grows.  A couple weeks ago, we had artic temperatures which made the house chillier than normal.  I noticed that made Opal's points darker.  Typically, the points are identified by their color.  Orange points are called flame point.  Brown points are called seal point.  Opal's points are a combination of tabby and calico.  Some people would call this torbico point.  

You can see that Opal's points had started to develop at 6 weeks but were still light.

This was Opal at 7 months.  Her points are much darker.  Can you see the M of the tabby?

Can you see the orange and black, tortoiseshell tail?

It has been fun to watch her coat change.  I think that these two spots look like hearts.

So contrary to her DNA results, I can say with confidence that Opal is part Siamese.  The one thing Basepaws and I totally agree upon:  Opal is 100% cat.


  1. I had my Angel Millie tested and was sure he had Siamese in him , but the results did not show it. I think kitty DNA tests still have a long way to go. I know Opal is 100% adorable. :)

  2. I wonder how accurate these tests are. And I think Opal is !00% cute too. ~Island Cat Mom

  3. That's so awesome! Opal is lovely, and a perfect mix of beautiful!

  4. Opal is the purrfect name for such a beauty!