Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lesson in Watching Football with Humans

Gus:  Sometimes humans watch sporting events on the TV box.  Our Mama likes to watch football.  Her favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs.  Since she is sitting down, you may think this is a good time to sit on her lap for a little cuddle time or nap.  BEWARE!  When things aren't going right she yells at the TV box or does something called the tomahawk chop.  When things are going right she puts her hands up in the air yelling "Touchdown" or she does some other pagan chant and dance.  When she is doing this crazy ritual it is best to find a cozy cat bed or just leave the room.  Unfortunately, our Mama isn't alone in this strange act.  Other humans like to watch baseball or basketball.  While the rituals vary slightly they are equally as loud.  Looking cute or even annoyed does not stop the madness.

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