Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Santa Kitty Graduation Gifts

Gus:  With each foster class, Mama always gives each kitten a graduation gift.  It is usually a can of their favorite cat food (Blue Wilderness Kitten) and some of their favorite toys.  Since being in a new home can be kind of scary, this is to help comfort them.  Who wouldn't want comfort food and a toy that smells like Mama when they are in a new situation?

This time we decided to join other cat bloggers to play Santa Kitty and give toys to homeless cats too.  When this class is available for adoption on Friday, they will take with them not only a stocking filled with goodies to take to their new homes but also extra toys to share with all the kitty's at Great Plains SPCA.  Great Plains does amazing things for cats in the Kansas City area and is Jaq's alma mater.  We hope other cats decide to be Santa Kitty and donate to their local shelter.


  1. Paws up for helping out these adoptable kitties, and for taking part in the blog hop!

    1. Thanks Summer! We are new to this blogging thing but we hope we can take part in more blog hops!