Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mock Interview with Ebony

Gus:  Given the current cat unemployment situation here in Kansas City, we've offered to help prepare some of the unemployed cats at Great Plains SPCA by doing mock interviews.  Our first interviewee is Ebony.  You may remember Ebony as Pearl’s Valentine.

Pearl:  Hi, Ebony!  {winks at Ebony}

Ebony: {blushes} Uh, um.  Hi, Pearl. 

Gus:  {clears throat} Soooo….. let’s get started.  Tell us a little about yourself Ebony.

Ebony:  My name is Ebony as you know.  A Good Samaritan found me in Kansas City, KS.  They were unable to employ me so Great Plains SPCA took me in.  I was briefly employed for a few days last fall.  The office politics there was too much.  The other employees were really catty so I came back to Great Plains.  I am currently unemployed, but I would love to get back to work.  Sooner the better!

Gus:  Why do you think you haven’t been able to find a permanent position?

Ebony:  Well, I hate to play the fur color card, but I really think it because my fur is black.  So many people are superstitious.  They think black cats are bad luck.  I’m not bad luck!  I may not have had the best luck myself recently, but whoever hires me will be really, really lucky!

Gus:  Have you been doing any additional training since you've been unemployed?

Ebony:  Why, yes.  I've been taking leash training lessons.   I just lay there and they give me a few treats to move a couple feet.  It’s not my favorite thing to do but the extra treats I get makes it worth it.

Gus:  What sets you apart from other applicants?

Ebony:  I am highly motivated.  I am very eager to be a Feline Best Friend. again and I am doing whatever I can to be hired.  I am constantly showing my belly to people to get them to notice me.  I even created a profile on LinkedIn to help my job search.  Ebony's LinkedIn Profile  Feel free to check it out and write me a recommendation!

Gus:  Is there anything else that potential employers need to know?

Ebony:  Well, there is one small thing.  It is a little embarrassing.  I…uh…have a small digestive problem.  I just have to take a little laxative every day.  It’s no big deal.  It won’t affect my job performance at all!  I'm a very hard worker.  I have great people skills and I can't wait to get working as someone's Feline Best Friend! 

Gus:  Great job, Ebony!  I think you will be hired in no time! 

Pearl:  Yes, good luck, Ebony!  {blows Ebony a kiss}

Ebony may be interviewed at Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas.
Learn more about Ebony here: Ebony's Profile at GPSPCA, Ebony's LinkedIn Profile

Special thanks to FixYourImages Photography for taking these “headshots” of Ebony and some of the other "applicants"!


  1. Ebony, your qualifications are superb!

  2. Ebony dood, our mom sez you'd be PAWEsome in ANY job!

  3. You are a beauty, Ebony! Many purrs that you find an "employer" soon :)

  4. Ebony, you'll be hired in no time! We just know it!