Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cat Unemployment Awareness Week 2015

Gus:  Here at Purr's Training Acatemy we are very proud of how quickly our kitten graduates are hired as entry level Feline Best Friends(FBF).  But we realize there are many unemployed, experienced cats in shelters all over the world waiting to be hired for that purrfect job.  Mama was the guest blogger on Great Plains SPCA's website today talking about the crisis.  She also gave some excellent reasons why it might be better to hire a more experienced FBF.  You can read her post here.

In light of this crisis, we are declaring March 13-22. National Cat Unemployment Awareness Week.  Yes, we realize that is more than a week but we are so passionate about this cause that we tacked on a few more days.

You may be wondering, what can you do to help?

1.  Hire a FBF
Consider hiring a FBF by adopting an experienced cat.  You will be repaid with unconditional love and purrs.

2.  Networking
Help these unemployed cats network by spreading the word about their exceptional talents.  You may not be looking to hire a FBF at this time but you might know someone else who is. 

3.  Pay the Recruiter Fee
Consider sponsoring a cat's adoption fee.   These cats are looking for anything that will give them a paw up over the competition.

Please help us find loving workplaces for all of the unemployed, yet experienced cats before the kitten graduates flood the job market!