Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Power of Protection

FTC disclosure:  I am an employee of Companion Protect, LLC.   I was not paid specifically to write this post nor was I asked by my employer to write it.  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own and not that of Companion Protect.  I only share information with my readers that I think they will find relevant.  

Jaq:  Guess what, kitties!  I have super powers!

Gus:  What are you talking about?

Jaq:  I have the power of protection.  The mama just signed me up for Companion Protect so I won't get hurt or sick.

Gus:  Jaq, you are such a dork!  I can't even look at you.  Companion Protect is a pet health insurance program.  It won't protect you from getting sick or injured but it will help the mama pay for it in case it happens.

Jaq:  Huh?  So how does it work?

Gus:  The mama pays $21.99 per month plus a processing fee.  If you were a dog, she would pay $44.99 per month plus a processing fee.

Jaq:  There's a processing fee?  I hate fees!

Gus:  Yeah, everybody does but they don't have a choice.  It's like a rule or something.  Anyway, it is one flat fee every month.  It doesn't matter how old you are, how big you are, what breed you are or how dorky you are;  every cat pays the same.

Jaq:  That sounds simple.

Gus:  Even you should be able to understand it.  With your protection, you get a free wellness exam every year.  If you are over 7, you get two per year.

Jaq:  Wait!  What?  I just turned 7.  You mean I have to go to the vet twice a year now?  Mouses!

Gus:  Hopefully, by going twice a year the vet will be able to catch any problems before they get too bad.  Companion Protect's goal is to enhance and extend the lives of all dogs and cats.

Jaq:  So what happens if I get sick?

Gus:  The mama has two choices.  She can take you to our regular vet.  If she does that, then she pays the vet like she normally would.  She submits a claim to Companion Protect and they reimburse her.  She'll have to pay a $100 deductible but Companion Protect will reimburse her 90% of the remaining amount for services and prescriptions.  If the vet puts you on a diet, they will pay for 50% of the prescription diet.

Jaq:  That doesn't sound too bad.  What's the other choice?

Gus:  You can go to one of Companion Protect's Vetwork partners.  The only thing the mama pays the vet is a $25 deductible plus 10% of the rest of the bill.  The vet then submits the claim for you and Companion Protect pays the vet.

Jaq:  That sounds even easier!

Gus:  It's a great cost saving option.  Hopefully, it will prevent many pets dying from economic euthanasia.

Jaq: Echo, eutho, what?

Gus:  Economic euthanasia is when pet owners chose to put their pets to sleep because they do not have the money to pay for their pets' medical care.  Even pets with traditional pet health insurance suffer from economic euthanasia because other companies require that pet owners pay everything up front.  Pet owners will get reimbursed, but not everyone has that kind of money laying around.  Companion Protect is solving for this with their Vetwork partners.

Jaq:  Hold the catnip!  You are talking about other pet owners.  You mean I'm not the only one with this super power?  I thought I was special.

Gus:  You're special alright. (eye roll)  Currently, Companion Protect is only available in Kansas and Missouri.  They will be expanding to other states soon.

Jaq:  How do our friends enroll?

Gus:  They can go to the Companion Protect website.  Every pet is required to have an enrollment exam by one of Companion Protect's Vetwork partners to determine any pre-existing conditions.  This exam is totally free to the pet owner.

Jaq:  Oh, yeah.  I had one of those.  It wasn't that bad.  We went to a place called Ironhorse Veterinary Care.  I like my old vet but these guys were great.  They treated me like a celebrity.  I may switch and start using them instead.

Gus:  But the beauty is that you don't have to switch if you don't want to.  The only pre-existing condition you had was that lesion on your nose.  If it comes back it won't be covered but everything else will.  Companion Protect is very up front about what is covered and what isn't.

Jaq:  So if Companion Protect is so great, why aren't you and Pearl protected?

Gus:  If Pearl gets sick are you going to get her into the carrier to get her to the vet and then are you going to give her medicine?  Cod knows, the mama can't do it.

Jaq:  Good point.

Gus:  As for me I'm kind of old...

Jaq: Kind of?

Gus:  (glaring) You want to say that again?

Jaq:  Ummm, no?

Gus:  I have too many pre-existing conditions. It wouldn't really be worth it for me but I hope all of our friends enroll and get protected.

Jaq:  Yeah, that would be cool.  With everyone having super powers, we could have our own super hero convention!  Wait!  I need a super hero cape.  And I'm off to jump over tall buildings in a single bound!

Gus:  He forgets white cats can't jump.  Or at least he can't!  Good thing he has the power of Companion Protect!


  1. Hey Jaq, it's worth being protected. We don't have pet insurance and when I got sick last fall, it cost the mom a lot of green papers. ~Wally

  2. We have pet insurance here in New Zealand (sadly two of our seniors don't qualify = frustrating eh?) It is a great idea which more people need.

    1. I agree. More people need to sign up before their pets are old and have conditions where they need insurance.
      Hopefully, someday, we can offer Companion Protect in New Zealand and then I could visit you!


  3. I'm so glad you're protected. I spent so much money on Angel Tara during her last few years (which I never complained about one bit) but I swore with a young pet I'd get insurance. I got Mudpie insured four months after I adopted her (unfortunately her asthma diagnosis came first though) and the peace of mind is priceless.

  4. That does sound like one of the better companies.