Monday, December 24, 2018

Secret Paws

Gus:  Cats with Blogs is a close-knit community.  One of the highlights of this group is our annual Secret Paws gift exchange.  You humans might call it a Secret Santa gift exchange.  We have as much fun choosing the gifts to send as we do receiving the gifts.

Our foster student, Fargo helped wrap the gifts we sent to our Secret Paw.  We hope they like it!  We gave everything the sniff test and it met our approval...even Pearl's!  She's rather particular. 

Unfortunately, Fargo had to go back to the shelter before we opened the Secret Paws gift we received.  Don't worry!  We sent Fargo back to the shelter with his own Christmas gift.  We even gave him extras to share with the other kitties at the shelter's veterinary center.

 Well, Jaq, let's open our gift!  Pearl!  Are you coming?  It's time to open our Secret Paws gift!

Gus:  Look!  It is from Butterfly and Peekaboo at Musings, Meows, and Memories.  We haven't met Butterfly and Peekaboo yet but that is what great about Secret Paws.  You get to make new friends!

Gus:  Smell this, Jaq!  CATNIP!!!  This is awesome. 
Jaq:  This note says the blankie was made by Jana at Colorado Catnip Toys.
Pearl:  It's pink so that means it's MINE! 
Gus:  No way!  We have to share! Don't forget it's the season of giving and sharing!  Let's look at what else is in the box.

Gus:  Let me open this next package.
Pearl:  That's such pretty wrapping paper!

Jaq:  Look at all those sparkle balls!
Gus:  Try not to bat them all under the couch!
Jaq:  Well, maybe you shouldn't give them all away to our students!
Pearl:  Boys!  Boys!  There is plenty to share!  Didn't you just say it was the season of giving and sharing?

Jaq:  Dudes!  Look what else is in the box.  Delectable Squeeze Ups.  I think I'm in heaven!
Gus:  I think we need to take a snack break!

Gus:  Nom, nom nom...

Gus:  Get your own, Pearl!
Pearl:  Sharing, Gus!  Tis the season of sharing!

Jaq:  Nom, nom, nom...

Gus:  What a great snack break!  But we still have more gifts to open.

Jaq:  Wow!  A whole box of crinkle balls!  

Pearl:  Ooooh!  Pretty There's even some jewelry and a candle for the Mama!

Gus:  Thank you Butterfly and Peekaboo!  We LOVED everything!

Pearl and Jaq:  Thank you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The Big 3!!!   It's the "This Is Us" Kitten Edition! 

Will Kevin continue to worry about what others think of him?  Will he make it as a serious film star?  Will he conquer his lifelong battle with addiction?

Will Kate continue to struggle with her self-esteem?  Will the relationship with her mother improve?  Will she be able to have the baby she's always dreamed about and continue her father's legacy?

Will Randall have issues due to the fact he is adopted?  Will he run for public office?  Will he have another nervous breakdown?

Stay tuned to As the World Purrs to answer these questions and more!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Soul Kittens Progress Report

The students are progressing very well!   Franklin is well over 2 lbs.  Aretha is almost there.  We are postponing their surgeries a bit so that they can have more socialization lessons.

Franklin is the most outgoing.  He will seek out attention but only for a few minutes. 

Aretha will accept affection but does not seek it out.

The Mama plans to take them to work one day this week. She hopes it will get them out of their comfort zone without scaring them completely.

In between lessons, Franklin and Aretha took some selfies.  I think they have the hang of it!


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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Freshman Orientation

Freshman orientation can be a scary time.  The students are in a new place.  Often around humans for the first time.  They don't have any friends.  They don't know what they want to do with the rest of their life.  They try to act brave by hissing.  That's how we'd describe our latest class.  Little do they know that they have a very bright, exciting future ahead of them!  Introducing the Soul Kitten class:

With a voice that inspires, we present to you Aretha!

Able to stir your soul with a single meow, Franklin!


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The Catcade

The Mama just got back from a weekend in Chicago with her friends.  She didn't bring us back anything!  Can you believe that? 

The Mama had a great time in Chicago.  One of the highlights of her trip was visiting The Catcade.  The Catcade is an arcade-themed cat rescue.  You can reserve hour time-slots to hang out with the cats and play arcade games.  All the cats are available for adoption.  It is a great way to meet all the cats to determine which one you connect with before you adopt.   Thankfully, the Mama didn't adopt one over the weekend. 

The Mama did their Sunday morning cat yoga.   The cats were all checking out the yoga mats when the yogis entered the lounge. 

They recommend not using your own yoga mat as the cats sometime use them as scratching mats. 

They give you little containers of treats to bribe entice the cats to visit your mat.  The yoga instructor was great!  She kept going as though nothing was happening with kittens running all over and people giggling over their antics.

You never knew where a cat would pop up.  While doing a plank pose, the Mama had a cat jump off her back and onto these pillows. 

This little girl hung out with the Mama for most of class.    Isn't she sweet?  The Mama had to sometimes do her poses off the mat so not to disturb this little furball.

At the end of yoga during savasana, instead of using lavender, they put cat treats on you!  Of course, the Mama loved having cats crawl all over her!

After class, the Mama handed out treats.  She loved the attention!

The Catcade was a lot of fun!  The Mama loved the theme with the arcade games.

Old arcade games have been re-purposed as cat beds.

The cats even use the claw game as a bed.  This cat caused quite a stir during yoga class when the stuffed animals started moving!

Like we said earlier, all cats are available for adoption...except one - Leo.  Leo is the resident cat.  He's in charge of the place and makes sure all of the other cats and humans behave.

The Mama follows the Catcade on social media so she was thrilled to meet one of the owners, Shelly.  The Catcade's posts are often funny so you should follow them too on Facebook and Instagram.

The Catcade is located at 1235 Belmont Avenue in Chicago.  If you live near Chicago or visit, you should definitely go check them out!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Introducing the Mittens Kittens

After a long wait, we finally have new foster students!  We are fostering for a different organization this time, Heart of America Humane Society.  They are a foster based group in the Kansas City area.  They pull animals from municipal shelters in the area.  They needed kitten fosters and our school was open so we said we would be happy to help.

We have four students.  They were found separately and are not related.  We decided to pay homage to one of our favorite fictional cats, Mittens from Text from Mittens by naming the kittens after Mittens and his friends.

These kittens won't be with us long.  They are almost big enough to be spayed and neutered but they need to be socialized a bit first.  They like humans but they need to learn how to play with other kittens.  For example, Mittens is a bit socially awkward when it comes to other cats.  She growls and hisses at other kittens.  She has fun playing with them and forgets to growl.  Once they stop, she starts growling again.  The kittens look at her like "Guuurrrlll, you're crazy!"   We're sure with the proper coaching Mittens will be the most popular girl at school in no time! 


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Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Cranberries are Graduating

The Cranberry Kittens are graduating on Tuesday when the are spayed and neutered.  They will be available for adoption on Wednesday at Great Plains SPCA's Merriam Campus. 

To celebrate, they took their graduation selfies.

We say every class is the best class and we mean it!  This class is extra special - Delores specifically.  We think Delores has the great makings of an adventure cat/therapy cat/agility cat.  She is un-phased by things including dogs and she is awesome on a leash.  She just needs someone to nurture those skills.  Actually, all the students in this class have this potential; Delores is just a little more advanced.  If you've always wanted a cat to make therapy visits to hospitals or to compete in agility competitions or go hiking with you, you should consider adopting one of the Cranberry Kittens.


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