Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Kitten Turned Mob Boss

By The Purress
Merriam, KS

A local foster student is being accused of being part of the Meowfia.  Joseph J. Gandolfini, age 4 months is being accused of running an illegal cat wrestling ring.  It is alleged that Gandolfini, also known as Joey would accept bets on wrestling matches and then ask one of the wrestlers throw the match.

Confetti, one of the wrestlers had this to say when asked, "Mr. Joey taught me all these cool moves.  Then when he would give me a wink, I was to go limp and play dead.  It was such a fun game!"

Joey is also accused of running a catnip ponzi scheme.  Gus Carlson, the CEO of Purr's Training Acatemy where Joey attends school says that Joey approached him about investing in his catnip business. 

"Joey said once he had my money he would plant the catnip and it would be ready for distribution within two days.  Anyone knowing basic science know that catnip doesn't grow that quickly.  Plus, we live in Kansas.  We just had our first freeze.  Nothing will grow this time of year."

When asked for a comment on these charges and his possible leadership role in the Meowfia, Joey said "This is all fake news."  Later Joey released an official statement.  It can be read here.  Official Statement from Joey

At the time of printing this story, no official charges have been made against Joey.  His foster mom said Joey is looking for his forever home so that he can escape the pawpurrazi and start a life on the straight and narrow.

Those interested in helping Joey leave his life of crime by adopting Joey can contact Great Plains SPCA's foster manager at

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Meow Meetup Adventures - Final Thoughts

The best part of our trip to Chicago was hanging out with our cat blogger friends.  The Saturday night after the conference, the Mama and her friends went to the Meow Meetup After Party.  There was a live band there and cat themed cocktails like meowgaritas. 

Afterwards, some of our friends came to the hotel to meet me.  The Mama bribed me to come out and do my tricks.  Yeah, I can easily be bribed with Squeeze-up treats!  They are so delicious.  You would do anything for those too!  I even let Miss Vicky from Eastside Cats pet me.

For those concerned, I didn't spend the whole time under the bed.

I drank out of the hotel sink.  Although, Chicago water isn't as good as Kansas City water.  I suppose it is what you get use to.

Miss Jeanne from Random Feline bought me a new wand toy and I played with that.  Thank you, Miss Jeanne!  Even though I'm 13 years old, I still like to play!

Plus, I slept on the bed every night with the Mama. 

While I had a great time, I was so happy to be home!

I hope you enjoyed my Meow Meetup Adventures!  

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Meow Meetup Adventures - Final Thoughts

Meow Meetup Adventures - The Main Event

So the whole reason why the Mama and I went to Chicago was to attend Meow Meetup.  Well, it was for the Mama to attend Meow Meetup.  I went along for the ride since I'm now on thyroid medication twice a day and I have a habit of hiding from the cat sitter but more on that another day.

Mama was really looking forward to attending Meow Meetup but it was even better than she expected!  Meow Meetup is the largest cat convention in the Midwest.  It is organized by Lauren Mieli the founder of the online magazine, Catnip Times.   Meow Meetup celebrates the love of cats.  The Mama was impressed by the wide variety of attendees of the conference - young to old, men and women, and all ethnicities.  It just goes to show the love of cats is wide reaching and not your stereotypical crazy cat lady.

So what do you do at a cat convention?


There were 50+ vendors.  Some booths from veterinarians to pet food companies were informational.  Other booths sold books, artwork, cat toys, jewelry and much, much more!


The Mama bought earrings from Volana Kote.  They have real cat whiskers in them!  They had a sign to make sure everyone knew that the whiskers had fallen out.  They hadn't been stolen by some other means.

The Mama bought a Tornado Towel.  It is suppose to help keep the pet fur off your clothes in the dryer.  We haven't tried it yet to see if it works.

She bought this bowtie from Tacocat Creations.  Hmmm....I wonder who she thinks is going to wear that?

Lastly, she bought this cool print from Leeza Works.  The Mama thinks she might hang it at her office at work.

Adoption Lounge

There were a lot of adoptable cats and kittens from Almost Home Foundation.  We saw several adoptions happen.

Pampurr Pawlor

In the Pampurr Pawlor, you could get nail decals or temporary tattoos.  The Mama got a cute siamese tattoo as well as a tattoo of our pal, Summer.

Meowter Space Bar and Lounge

There was a bar with specialty cat drinks.

Cat Cafe

There was a french themed cat cafe.  Oooh la la!

Meet the Breeds by CFA

The Cat Fancier Association brought different breeds for people to meet.  The Mama got to meet a sphynx cat and a Siberian cat.

Celebricat Meet and Greets

There were several celebrity cats that held meet and greet sessions.  The Mama didn't sign up for any of the meet and greets but she did crash one with our pal, Summer from Sparkle Cat.  Summer is a therapy cat so she is use to attention.  But boy, did she work it for the pawpurrazi!

While she didn't go to his meet and greet, the Mama met Mikita from Chicago Black Cats.  She saw him in the hallway.  She was a total fan girl and geeked out when she spoke to his parents and pet him.  It was so embarrassing!  She didn't even get a very good photo!

Kitty Yoga, Kitty Bingo and Paint Your Pet's Portrait

The Mama didn't go to any of these activities but they looked super fun!

Whisker Workshops

The best part of the whole conference were the amazing speakers.  The Mama learned so much!

She went to these sessions:
The Real Scoop on Feline Leukemia by Danielle Chase
Heroic, helpful and caring felines: How cats help humans in big and small ways by Dr. Anne Beall
Take a Chill Pill: How your emotions are making your furrbabies sick by Rachel Augusta
The Healing Power of Pets - Mind, Body, and Soul by Dr. Linda Harper
Animal Communication Explained by Linda Roberts
Fear Free: Be the Change by Steve Dale
Understanding Pet Loss Grief: From the eyes of the companion, veterinarian, and psychologist by Dr. Linda Harper and Dr. Lori Coughlin
Brain Dead Fat Cats: Enriching your cat's indoor life by Steve Dale
Cat School in Session: Clicker training demonstration by Julie Posluns

As you can see the Mama had an ameowzing time at Meow Meetup!!!  She can't wait to go back next year and she hopes all her cat friends go with her!  Maybe  I can even be a celebricat!  Oh, wait!  That would mean I'd have to be social. No, thanks!  I'll just hang out under the hotel bed.


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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Meow Meetup Adventures - Cat Cafes

Friday before Meow Meetup, the rest of our cat blogger friends arrived in Chicago.  We decided to check out all the cat cafes Chicago has to offer.  And by we I mean the Mama, my Cousin Callan and our cat blogger friends.  Definitely not me!  I was hanging out under the bed in the hotel.

First stop was Treehouse Humane Society.  Yes, an animal shelter has a cat cafe!  Actually, Treehouse only has cats.  They've been in this building for two years and boy, is it spectacular!  Tons of natural light!  Cool cat trees!  They even have catios off of each of the cat rooms!  Treehouse adopts out around 800 cats a year.

Our blogging pal, Alana from Cat in the Fridge works at Treehouse.  She gave them a tour of the facility.  She also introduced them to Leonardo Pescatore, the cat that has vowed to wear a chicken hat until he is a adopted.  Technically, I suppose he is still wearing the chicken hat since he hasn't been adopted yet.  You can read his story here.

After the tour, they hung out in Treehouse's cat cafe.  They had a great time meeting the cats there!


Second stop was Windy Kitty Cat Cafe.  In case you are unfamiliar with a cat cafe, it is a place where you pay to hang out with cats and all the cats are available for adoption.  It is a great way to get your cat fix if you live in a place that doesn't allow cats.  Why you would live in a place that doesn't allow cats is beyond me!  If you do live in a place that allows cats, cat cafes are a good place to hang out with cats to help you decide which one to take home.  Some cat cafes have food and drink.  Some like Windy Kitty do not.  Windy Kitty does have a kitten nursery which is cool.


Last stop was The Catcade.  If the Catcade looks familiar, it is!  The Mama went to the Catcade last summer for their cat yoga.  You can read about that trip here.  The Catcade doesn't serve food but you do get a beverage with your reservation.  The arcade theme to this cat cafe is a lot of fun.




The Mama and her friends had a great time visiting all these cat cafes!  Don't worry about me.  I was fine back at the hotel.  I got extra treats!


Stay tuned for more of my adventures at Meow Meetup!

Make sure you read all the Meow Meetup Adventure posts!