Saturday, December 13, 2014

Class Photos

Gus:  Kittens, since Santa is going to deliver you to your new homes soon I think it is time we do a class photo.  Ok, get into the ball bed.  

That's good.  Where's the third minion?  Ok, I know Mama's lap is the best place to be but into the ball to get your picture taken. 

I'm a busy cat.  I don't have all day.  I have some naps to take.

Um, can you turn around?  That really isn't your best side.  No, you can't turn around?  Maybe we should do individual pictures.  

That's it!  Work it for the camera!  Give me your cute look!  Now adorable!  

CUT!  I didn't say give me your sleepy look.  Ok, we can take a nap.  

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