Saturday, December 27, 2014

Traveling with Cats - Advice Needed

When I visit my Mom, I take my cats with me.  It is a four hour drive.  My cats have always traveled well except for Jaq.  Jaq meows constantly and this time he had diarrhea. 

Jaq:  MAMA!  You promised you wouldn't tell anyone!  I am sooooo embarrassed!
I usually put all three cats in a big dog carrier.  Jaq does better with the other cats.  He also does better if I put a blanket or something over the carrier.  But then "the incident" happened and there was poo all over.  All over him.  All over Gus.  Pearl was lucky and escaped the poo.  
On the way back home I put Jaq in a separate carrier with a blanket over him.  He meowed the whole way home and since they weren't together, the other cats meowed back.  
I've tried spraying the bedding and carrier with a Feliway spray.  I've tried spraying everything with Spirit Essences's Easy Traveler and Stress Stopper.  I've tried calming treats (those didn't work because he wouldn't eat them.)  I've tried a thunder shirt for cats.  I've tried special calming music.  I'm not sure what else to do.  These things work great in other situations but not for Jaq in the car.  I know I should probably leave him at home but I like having them with me.  I think the cats like it too once they get there.  
Do your cats like to travel?  Do they have problems traveling?  What things have you tried to make traveling easier for your cats?


  1. we have 2 kitty cats but they both travel horribly! we haven't had problems w/diarrhea, we usually just put an old towel over the cat carrier we have & keep them away from the car windows/block/obscure their view/eyesight & keep eye contact w/them. i usually keep the cat carrier in my lap and turn it facing away from any of the windows. sorry i'm not much help. we had a dog like that though. we didn't ever really find anything to work for her. traveling is a pain in the ass w/pets since they all hate the car. lol.

  2. maybe this website could help give you some ideas? link:
    hope this helps some! good luck w/your kitty cat!

  3. more info for you: