Friday, February 13, 2015

Online Dating

Gus:  Pearl, what are you doing?

Pearl:  Online dating. I'm trying to find my Valentine. is a great online dating site for cats!  It is so much fun!

Gus:  Pearl, you know the cats there are available for adoption, right?  We made Mama promise she wouldn't adopt anymore cats if she volunteered there.

Pearl:  I know.  I'm just flirting.  We send messages back and forth on Mama's volunteer clothes.  I don't know how I will choose my Valentine!  Ebony is very handsome and witty.  Skippy is so cute.  And Boaz always says the sweetest things.  Boaz is a little young for me though.  I may look like a panther, but I'm not a cougar.  Then there is Earl Grey and so many more, oh my!

Gus:  Mama needs a Valentine.  Maybe we should sign her up for one of those human online dating sites.  She's been wanting to date a Cat Guy.

Pearl:  You realize humans actually meet each other when they online date.  He might come here to the house, Mr. Runs-and-hides-when-someone-visits.

Gus:  Ooooohhhh...maybe I'm the only cat guy she needs.


Who do you think Pearl should choose as her Valentine? 

Pearl will sponsor the adoption fee of her Valentine.  If her Valentine's adoption fee has already been sponsored, she will sponsor another one in his honor.


  1. Oh I love this post SO much! That is exactly the kind of online dating that we need to do :)

  2. It's hard to chose ! Those are all beautiful mancats ! Purrs

  3. Momma sez Ebony is PAWEsome and a HANDsome mancat in Purrson too!

  4. They all should be Pearl's Valentines! We'll choose Ebony because he dressed up real nice. :)