Sunday, May 3, 2015


Gus:  Did we miss it?  Did we miss the Sunday Selfies?

Pearl:  The Mama was busy "spring cleaning" and didn't have time to type for us until now.  I think she is ruining all my hard work by  doing this cleaning.  I had my fur on everything just the way I like it.

Millie:  Dat vackoom is soooo loud and scary.

Tooty:  I am so sleepy.  Good nights, Internets!


This post is part of a blog hop hosted by The Cat on My Head.  Hop on over to their site to check out all the other Sunday Selfies.


  1. Ya'll are adorable! Me and my felines don't like the vacuum either! Love LadyBird

  2. Awww how cute are all of you,xx Speedy

  3. Those are some excellent selfies. :)

  4. well it was well worth the wait, even if it IS Monday ;)

  5. Great selfies- better late than never.

  6. You are here, and we are visiting to say your selfies look so good - they made us smile :-)