Friday, May 29, 2015

Waffles, Waffles, where art thou Waffles? Blog Paws Friday

We heard it was another exciting day at Blog Paws.  Unfortunately, the Mama failed to get much photographic proof.

This is a foster kitten from Random Felines.  She did an awesome job in the session on video and photos using your phone.  I think she will be a tv star or model some day.

Tacquito is cute, but the Mama had a mission.  She was suppose to meet celebricats Waffles and Katie.  But did she?  NO!  She even went to their cocktail party and all we got was this picture of Mama with a kitty cocktail and drumstick cookies.

I'm not sure we even want to know about the next picture.  It had something to do with pictures in a photo booth with a stranger and an incredible hulk smurf.  Humans!

This last photo is my favorite.  Look at all that food and treats.  I so can't wait to try everything.
 Mama, please hurry home!


  1. Looks like your mom is having a blast and that you have some amazing goodies coming your way!

  2. Great photos, Mom is having fun now and you will have fun when she gets home with all that swag.

  3. It looks like your mom have a lot of fun, and you're going to get a big bag of goodies ! Purrs

  4. Oh your Mom looks like my kind of person!!!! So upset I didn't get to meet her.....we might even be around the same age, but I am prob older!

  5. Our Mommy had a great time with your Mama!

  6. Our Mommy had a great time with your Mama!