Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Internship Program - Flopsy

Great Plains SPCA has an internship program...for cats.  It is a program in which local businesses foster cats.  It helps reduce stress for employees and gives the cats a break from the shelter.

Since the Mama now works in a pet-friendly office, she "hired" her first intern.  Meet Flopsy.

Flopsy is a six year old tabby.  Flopsy came to Great Plains SPCA with an injured leg.  The doctors decided she would be better off without that leg.

Even though Flopsy gets along just fine without the leg she hasn't been able to get enough exercise to strengthen her remaining legs.  That is one of the reasons why she applied for the internship program.

Part of Flopsy's job duties includes walking the entire length of the building several times a day to ensure that all her co-workers are in their offices working.  Flopsy takes her time going from office to office.  She likes to flirt with the gentlemen.  Unfortunately, the rest of the time Flopsy sleeps on the job.

This internship is invaluable experience for Flopsy.  Hopefully, it will give her the strength to find a permanent job as someone's best friend.

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