Friday, August 14, 2015

Strange Smell

Gus:  The Mama came home today smelling strange.

It was weird so I decided to check out her phone and see where she was today.

I came across this picture of a kitten pile.  It was cute, but I don't think that was the smell.

Next, I saw this picture of Asha at the Adoption Center.  Asha may have picked up some additional smells but I know the strange smell wasn't her.

Finally, I came across the evidence and the source of that strange smell.  It was a dog!  Not only do cats get to go to her office, there are dogs there too!  Ugh!  Now, I  know I definitely do not want to go to work with her.

Really, Mama?  A dog?


  1. Are you sure it's not her feet ? Purrs

  2. Awwwww. Sometimes our mom smells all doggy when she visits our family. You'll get used to it. At least the doggy doesn't come home with her!

  3. Shocking!!! How clever of you to check out her phone to see where she's been!

  4. Now, now don't be so snarky. She didn't bring the doggy home. So be happy with that. Imagine if she had brought it home.

  5. Hey!!! Cut dogs some slack! I happen to live with one of the BEST woofies in the world!!! Love, Cody

  6. Oh no! She was cheating on you with a woofie!