Friday, September 18, 2015

Mama's Intern - Reeses

Gus:  This week Mama's intern was a cool cat named Reeses.  Reeses is available for adoption at Great Plains SPCA's Merriam Campus.

 Reeses is one goofy cat!  His crazy antics amused everyone in the office.

 He sure had some crazy sleeping positions!

Boy, does he have a loud purr motor!

 Reeses spent a good part of his work week supervising from above.


 He had to supervise Walter the dog as well.


Not to mention, trying his balancing skills on the tops of the cubicles.

Reeses has A LOT of energy.  Having an office to run around in was great fun for him.  He can't wait until he has a big home to run around in.

Reeses loves people!  He was always sad to see his co-workers go home for the evening.

 But he was always really happy when they came back the next morning!

Reeses will definitely make someone a great cat!  If you are looking for some entertainment, go to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam to meet Reeses!

More information about Reeses