Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Do Humans Do At Work?

Gus:  Have you ever wondered what your humans do when they go to work?  We were curious so we sent Jaq undercover to investigate.  Jaq?

Jaq:  Thanks, Gus.  I began my day with the morning commute.  Let me just say it was awful!  We got stuck in a traffic jam.  A drive that normally take 20 minutes took 45 minutes.  I tried singing the song of my people to make it go faster but that didn't help at all.  Then with all the stop and go, I may have gotten a little motion sickness.  Um, no.  Not puking, the other end.

After helping me clean up a bit, the Mama ran off to a meeting leaving me in her cubicle.  My co-workers for the day soon stopped by to introduce themselves.

First there was Bella, a cute little tabby.  We exchanged the obligatory hisses.

Next, was Walter.  Walter is yippy little dog.  Ok, maybe yippy isn't the best word but he did bark a lot.  I tried to hide from the barking but I still couldn't get away from it.

Finally, I met Molly.  Ok, I didn't really meet Molly.  I just saw her running by all the time chasing a ball.  That dog is obsessed!  I get chasing after a ball can be fun but I don't get the returning it to humans part.  Humans have legs.  They should be able to get their own ball.

After the Mama's meeting she came back to work at her desk.  I was able to get lots of cuddles and scratches.

Finally it was lunch time.  We had a tuna with a pumpkin consomme.  It was delicious and I didn't have to share with Gus and Pearl.  Then I had a mani pedi.  Jenna, one of the cat bosses gave me the spa treatment.

After lunch, I helped the Mama do some work.  I made sure I walked across her keyboard and stood in front of her monitor.  She said that was very helpful.

The Mama had a couple more meetings.  She invited me to go to the conference room with her but I decided I would be much more productive back in her cube.

After a few more pets and cuddles, the work day was over and we were ready to head home.  The commute home wasn't nearly as bad although I may have tinkled a bit on myself.  I can't help it that I get car sick!

So what do humans do at work?  It didn't look any different from what she does at home. All they did was talk, work on the computer, and throw the ball for the dumb dog.  I don't understand why human need to go to this place called work.  I've decided I don't like this working thing so I'll be staying home.


  1. Sorry you get sick in the car. Spooky and Millie do every single time too- the same end you had trouble with. Staying home is much more fun.

  2. I wish I could go to work with mom! You are so lucky - Except for the getting sick part - LadyBird used to go to work with mom. Oh well, maybe one day!! Love Toby

  3. smart decision.. Working is totally overrated.. but yet someone pays us green papers to do it.. so.. we do it so we can bring home the gooshy food.

  4. Work stinks! Humans should stay home with us all the time. I don't really know what Mommy does at work other than she works with people with problems. And she's on the phone ALL the time at home with work! We don't like it.

  5. What an interesting day you had, Jaq. The mom never takes us to where she works.

  6. Jaq, other than the car sickness part, you are quite lucky that your mom is allowed to take you to work. Most bosses and offices do not allow such things unless you are a service animal. Both our humans are retired so they don't leave home to work, but they sure seem to stay super busy! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Seriouslies? They do the SAME THINGS at work that they do at HOME? That is such a SCAM!!