Tuesday, October 6, 2020

When Failing Isn't Bad

When you sign up to foster, saying goodbye is the goal.  You agree to temporarily bring an animal into your home until they are ready to go to their forever home.  Every once in awhile, foster parents will fall in love with their foster and decide to make them a permanent part of their family by adopting them.  In animal welfare, this is called foster failing.  The family gets a pet they love.  The pet gets a happy home.  Failing is a wonderful thing for everyone involved!

You may wonder why we are telling you this.  We are foster failures!  After fostering 150 cats and kittens, we fell in love and decided to adopt one of our fosters.  

We would like to introduce you to Opal Carlson!

Opal's Adoption Day Photo

Opal was previously our foster named Sadie the Goat but we think it was Sadie the G.O.A.T. - Greatest Of All Time!  We decided to change her name to Opal because an opal is often described as a milky white gem.  We think that is exactly what Opal is!

Isn't she cute?

Opal's reaction when we told her she was going to be part of our family.

Meeting Gus for the first time.

Meeting Jaq for the first time.

First family photo

She seems to be happy here.

Welcome Opal!


  1. Welcome home, Opal! You picked a great home to be your forever home!

  2. That's such great news! We're happy for you and Opal!

  3. Awww.....welcome home Opal!! Concats

  4. Mazel Tov!
    Opal is an adorable kitty, and her name is purrfect for her!

  5. Oh Opal, welcome home sweetie, you are so darn cute, cute, cute!

  6. Awww...she is adorable. Congratulations!

  7. She is a superstar ! Welcome Opal.

  8. Welsome Little Opal. You have two wonderful brofurs in Gus & Jaq to teach you more about your furever home ! Purrs !