Wednesday, April 8, 2015

7 Days - Make a Ripple, Change the World: Discover

We are participating in Seven Days - Make a Ripple to Change the World.

Day two's theme is Discover.  We are to take time to broaden our worldview by exploring a different culture or religions.

Since we are cats, we are going to explore a different species - Dogs!

New Friends Photography took these amazing photos of black dogs at Great Plains SPCA's Independence Campus.

Did you know that black dogs like black cats have a harder time getting adopted?  Did you also know that dogs can make excellent companions?  And that having a dog has health benefits just like cats?

Perhaps, instead of hating each other for our differences we should love each for what we have in common.  Wouldn't that make the world a better place?

Day One - Love


  1. We agree! We don't mind woofies so much. We've actually had a couple of woofie friends! The photos of those dogs are great!!!
    P.S. We have nominated you for two blogging awards. Please stop tomorrow's blog post to see them!

  2. We've heard that black dogs have a hard time getting adopted. Which is really stoopid if you ask us. Those 3 dogs are wonderful!