Monday, September 7, 2015

Mama's Intern - The KC Royal Kittens

Gus:  Here at Purr's Training Acatemy, we do whatever we can to prepare our students for the future - including offering our students internships.  Our current minions students, recently had an internship with the Mama.  

The Mama works right next door to Great Plains SPCA so the students were able to get their boosters.

The Mama's new co-worker, Jenna started on the same day the minions started their internship.   She gave the students their first nail trim.  Jenna keeps nail clippers in her purse just in case she meets a cat that needs a nail trim.  I think she and the Mama will get along great together.

The students met a dog for the first time.  The Mama's boss brings into the office his black lab puppy named Salvador.  Salvy was scared of the students but the students were curious about Salvy.

Most importantly, the students learned not to discriminate against humans.  They purred for everyone!  

We can't wait to see what is next for these students.  Trust us.  It is going to be HUGE!