Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Next Viral Video Stars?

Gus:  OMC, kitties! Do we have some exciting news for you!  Last week, Maxwell and Faraday's Mom from A Tonk's Tail asked if our students would be interested in starring in a video for a major greeting card company in Kansas City.  Of course, we said yes!

The students were excited to get going even if it involved a ride in a carrier.

 They couldn't wait to check out the studio.

They were running all over the place!

"What is this cart for?  Can we take it for a ride?"

"Can I climb this ladder?"

"Hey, can I help you work?"

"You want me to do what with these little cars?"

"Nah!  I think I want to run around with my sibs."

 "Sure, I'll play with you!"

 "But not if you are going to roll those cars at me."

 "What's up with these cars, people?"

"Hey, hair lady!  Wanna fix the little piece of fur for me in back? "
"We could get use to this but the working thing is exhausting!"

Gus:  The students are still sleeping five hours later!  Their video isn't ready yet but we'll let you know when it premieres!


  1. We can't wait to see the video!! The kitties are adorable!!

  2. Wow! We bet you're gonna be BIG stars! ;)

  3. You guys weren't the ONLY ones exhausted at the end of the day. We couldn't get our mommy to play wand toy wif us at ALL that night! Heeee!