Monday, October 12, 2015

Adoption Selfies on Monday

Gus:  Someone (looking at Mama) was slacking over the weekend and we missed the Sunday Selfies.
We have some exciting adoption selfies.  Both Alexa and Erica were adopted this weekend!
Erica's New Sister
Photo From Great Plains SPCA

Alexa's New Family
Photo from Great Plains SPCA
All of the Kansas City Royal Kittens have been adopted!!!  But I still can't seem to get rid of them.  Dani now Bellatrix and Purrez now Pippen are staying with us.  Their new mom is on vacation so we are kitten sitting.  Only one more day and then we are kitten free.  Bring on semester break!

Pippen and Bellatrix

The most exciting adoption though was that of Pearl's boyfriend and Mama's intern, Ebony.   Ebony was adopted after almost 600 days in the shelter!

Ebony waiting to meet his new mom for the first time.

Ebony supervising his own adoption.
The volunteers had a Going Home Party for Ebony where there were lots of happy tears.

And lots of hugs!
Ebony was ready to go home!  He got in the carrier all by himself.
Ebony left in style - riding shotgun in a convertible on a beautiful, fall, Kansas City day!

And they all lived happily ever after!


  1. Amazing ! Concatulations on that very special adoption ! Purrs

  2. These are the best kind of selfies! Paws up to Ebony!!

  3. Concats on Erica and Alexis on their new homes. But most of all, thank the Universe for the lady who adopted Ebony. So grateful he found his forever home!!