Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mama's Intern - Ebony

Pearl:  OH MY COD, KITTIES!  You will never guess who is the Mama's intern this week.

That's right!  It's EBONY!  Yes, the same Ebony that we've talked about before.  Yes the same Ebony I have a huge crush on.

I know!  I have no idea either how a handsome mancat like Ebony is STILL available for adoption at Great Plains SPCA.

590 days in a shelter (no matter how amazing that shelter is) is far too long for anyone.

Can you help us help Ebony find a home?

Ebony's office skills are exceptional!  Today, Ebony was helping Mama with user acceptance testing of the software she is working on.

Ebony has exceptional social media skills.  He has a Facebook page and is on LinkedIn.

For more information about Ebony

If you would like to help Ebony and the other animals at Great Plains SPCA, please consider making a donation.  In 2011, Great Plains SPCA served 10,000 animals.  In 2014, they served 35,000.  Donations did not increase proportionally.  They are now in crisis and need your help.  Any amount will help make a difference in the lives of homeless pets.
Donate to Great Plains SPCA


  1. Such a cutie- I hope he gets a forever home soon. Please visit us, we are having a giveaway with all black cat items :)

  2. That's so sad that Ebony is waiting this long to find his furever home. And he's so handsome!

  3. We are going to share on Facebook! He is a handsome boy and deserves a great home!