Saturday, January 9, 2016

Captains Week at Work

Gus:  Since Captain has to have 4 different medicines in his eye 3 times a day, he gets to go to work with the Mama every day.  He is a little younger than her normal interns but she isn't breaking any kitten labor laws so I guess it is OK.

When the Mama isn't in meetings, Captain usually sits on her lap.

Sometimes though, he has to double check her work!
"Yep! This looks good!"

He is making new friends.
"Hiya, Walter!  How's your day going?"

Like most kittens, his favorite subject in school is lunch!  That's not the way I would get to my food bowl, but hey, whatever works!

Unfortunately, Captain had a little mishap Friday.  He rolled right off the desk.  Luckily, he wasn't hurt!  But he did wake up quickly!

He decided to sleep on the floor after that!


  1. He had a really busy week. I'll he was glad when the weekend came!

  2. He is adorable and such a hard worker.

  3. Looks like Captain is going to be a purrfect intern!

  4. Here's hoping Captain's eye heals up, though he does look stunning as a pirate. He has also learned that "you can't fall off the floor."

  5. yeahhhhh Captain! We're gonna hafta try that foodable technique you got going there...

  6. Um.. Captain, there are no kitten labor laws.. if she over works you, let me know and I'll have words with her.. ;)