Friday, January 8, 2016

Introducing Captain!

 Gus:  We would like to introduce you to our newest student - Captain!

No, Captain isn't winking at you.  Captain has an ulcer on his eye that isn't healing very quickly.   It hurts so he tries to keep it closed when he can. Captain is attending our school while it heals.  Well, hopefully it heals.  There has been some talk about r-e-m-o-v-a-l.  Hopefully, that won't happen.  Although, Captain might be ok with it gone.  1.  It won't hurt anymore.  2. He likes the pirate look.

What do you think?  Would you adopt a pirate kitty?


  1. Captain is a super cute pirate ! We hope he finds a forever home very soon ! Purrs

  2. He's adorable.....I do hope his eye gets better - with all that medication it should keep him from becoming a "real" pirate with just one eye but perhaps he'd be alright with that............let's hope it doesn't happen though! Hope he gets a FOREVER where it doesn't matter if he's a pirate or just a cutie!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. I'm purring that his eye heals but I know he would do fine without it.

  4. I totally would. but sadly I'm not in a position to run out there and snag him from you.. Purrs for a complete and total healing