Thursday, August 11, 2016

Where in the World is the Mama? Day 13

Pearl:  Purr's Training Acatemy is being demolished and the Mama has fled the country!

Gus:  Pearl, you are so dramatic!  Mama went on vacation.  While she is gone, Uncle Mike and Aunt Martha are staying with us.  Not only are they taking care of us, they are tiling the bathroom.

Pearl:  It sounds like the whole house is being torn down.  And the vacuuming!  Oy!  The vacuum!

Gus:  (rolls eyes) The Mama didn't share her itinerary with us but I hacked into her iCloud Photos.  I can see what she's taken photos of.  Can you help us guess where she is?

Day 13
Gus:  I really do think the Mama has abandoned us.  She has been gone almost 2 weeks.  Things are crazy here!  Closet cleaning left and right.  The Mama won't know where to find anything when she gets home.  Didn't we do a great job organizing the linen closet?  (Don't tell the Mama it wasn't us but Aunt Martha that did it.)

Oh, by the way, I think the Mama is in a new city.  Any guesses where?



Another cat!  The Kitties Blue suggested that she keeps taking pictures of cats because she misses us.  That better be true!


  1. Very nice photos, but I don't know where she is. That is so nice of your Auntie to clean the closet.

  2. OMC. She's been gone like forever! We don't know where she is, but we think it's a nice place.