Saturday, August 13, 2016

Where in the World is the Mama? Day 15

Pearl:  Purr's Training Acatemy is being demolished and the Mama has fled the country!

Gus:  Pearl, you are so dramatic!  Mama went on vacation.  While she is gone, Uncle Mike and Aunt Martha are staying with us.  Not only are they taking care of us, they are tiling the bathroom.

Pearl:  It sounds like the whole house is being torn down.  And the vacuuming!  Oy!  The vacuum!

Gus:  (rolls eyes) The Mama didn't share her itinerary with us but I hacked into her iCloud Photos.  I can see what she's taken photos of.  Can you help us guess where she is?

Day 15

Gus:  I overhead Aunt Martha say the Mama just left Barcelona, Spain and is now in Florence, Italy.  She will be home on Tuesday!  Here are some of her Florence photos.

Doesn't the food in Italy look amazing?  The Mama went to a pasta making class.  I think she should make some for us when she gets home.  

Of course she takes a photo of another cat.  She better be missing us a lot!


  1. It looks like your mom is doing a wonderful Europe Tour. Purrs

  2. OMC! Your mama is really taking a world-wind trip. That food made the mom's mouth water!

  3. Great photos. They are making me hungry though. I hope that poor kitty has a home.

  4. Wow, your Mama is on quite an extensive European tour! It looks like she's totally enjoying herself, too. :)