Monday, August 7, 2017

Things We Love #ChewyInfluencer

Gus:  These minions students eat a lot!  When Chewy offered to send us a Blue Buffalo Wilderness variety pack, we didn't turn them down!

The variety pack comes with three flavors - Duck, Chicken and Salmon.

It is high in protein and 100% grain-free.  Both things that growing kittens need.

The Mama likes it because it doesn't make the kittens gassy like other food and their poo doesn't stink quite as bad.

We weren't really concerned whether or not the kittens would like the food.  They like almost everything.

Instead we thought we would do a taste test to see if they liked a specific flavor more than the others.

So which one did they like best?

Whatever kind their brother was eating!

I tried all of the flavors as well.  Someone had to lick the bowls clean!  All flavors were delicious!

We love!  They have excellent customer service and their auto-ship feature makes it convenient to get things we use all the time like cat litter!

Wanna know the best part of ordering from Chewy?  The boxes!  We used a Chewy box to make the yellow submarine for the Beatles kittens.  They still have a a blast playing in it!

Disclosure:  We received the food from in exchange for our honest review.


  1. Glad it was a hit. And Chewy boxes are the best :)

  2. Congrats on winning the sharknado catnip mat. I got your site address from 15andmeowing's website. Checked out your website and followed you by e-mail

  3. Looks like that food was a hit with everybuddy!

  4. ... Whatever their brother was eating...classic kids no matter the species.

  5. Thanks for sharing this yummy food for the kitten.I will also give this to my kitten so that it could eat healthy organic food which is important for its growth