Monday, December 24, 2018

Secret Paws

Gus:  Cats with Blogs is a close-knit community.  One of the highlights of this group is our annual Secret Paws gift exchange.  You humans might call it a Secret Santa gift exchange.  We have as much fun choosing the gifts to send as we do receiving the gifts.

Our foster student, Fargo helped wrap the gifts we sent to our Secret Paw.  We hope they like it!  We gave everything the sniff test and it met our approval...even Pearl's!  She's rather particular. 

Unfortunately, Fargo had to go back to the shelter before we opened the Secret Paws gift we received.  Don't worry!  We sent Fargo back to the shelter with his own Christmas gift.  We even gave him extras to share with the other kitties at the shelter's veterinary center.

 Well, Jaq, let's open our gift!  Pearl!  Are you coming?  It's time to open our Secret Paws gift!

Gus:  Look!  It is from Butterfly and Peekaboo at Musings, Meows, and Memories.  We haven't met Butterfly and Peekaboo yet but that is what great about Secret Paws.  You get to make new friends!

Gus:  Smell this, Jaq!  CATNIP!!!  This is awesome. 
Jaq:  This note says the blankie was made by Jana at Colorado Catnip Toys.
Pearl:  It's pink so that means it's MINE! 
Gus:  No way!  We have to share! Don't forget it's the season of giving and sharing!  Let's look at what else is in the box.

Gus:  Let me open this next package.
Pearl:  That's such pretty wrapping paper!

Jaq:  Look at all those sparkle balls!
Gus:  Try not to bat them all under the couch!
Jaq:  Well, maybe you shouldn't give them all away to our students!
Pearl:  Boys!  Boys!  There is plenty to share!  Didn't you just say it was the season of giving and sharing?

Jaq:  Dudes!  Look what else is in the box.  Delectable Squeeze Ups.  I think I'm in heaven!
Gus:  I think we need to take a snack break!

Gus:  Nom, nom nom...

Gus:  Get your own, Pearl!
Pearl:  Sharing, Gus!  Tis the season of sharing!

Jaq:  Nom, nom, nom...

Gus:  What a great snack break!  But we still have more gifts to open.

Jaq:  Wow!  A whole box of crinkle balls!  

Pearl:  Ooooh!  Pretty There's even some jewelry and a candle for the Mama!

Gus:  Thank you Butterfly and Peekaboo!  We LOVED everything!

Pearl and Jaq:  Thank you!


  1. Looks like your Secret Paws was very good to you.. Merry Christmas!

  2. What a wonderful Secret Paws package ! Merry Christmas ! Purrs

  3. You all are going to have a great Christmas!

  4. Good to see you all again ! Merry Christmas !!

  5. That was a nice bunch of goodies! Merry Christmas from all of us sweet friends!

  6. Wow! What fun Secret Paws presents! Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!

  7. What a terrific Secret Paws package you got! Merry Christmas!