Sunday, March 17, 2019

Mama Mia!

OMC!  We didn't realize how bad we have been about blogging!  December 24th was the last time we blogged!  Yikes!  We will try to be better.  We do post more often on Instagram and Facebook so make sure you follow us there.  

For those of you that follow us on social media, you know that we got so new students back in February.  We received a mama cat and her six 4-day old babies.  Since our Mama kept singing the song Mama Mia to the mama cat, we decided to name her Mia.  Mia must not have like our Mama's singing as she refused to let her close to the babies.  Mia is a great mom but was very protective!  

The kittens are now 4-weeks old.  Mia has decided that our Mama is not so bad; especially if she has meat tube treat!  Mia lets the Mama hold and pet the kittens.  In the last couple days, Mia will rub up against the Mama and even let her pet her.  Not too much though!

Enough words!  I'm sure you want to see pictures of our new students.  Since the mom cat is Mama Mia, we decided to name her babies after characters in the movies.

Mama Mia






You may have noticed Sam is the only boy, he is smaller than his sisters, and he has a bendy front leg.  He doesn't let any of that get him down!  He can't straighten that front left leg but he is able to scoot around and can keep up with his sisters.


Since it is Sunday and the babies did such a great job with their selfies, we are joining The Cat on My Head blog for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.  Please hop on over to see the other entries!


  1. OMC! They are so darling and Mama Mia too! Happy St. Patty's Day - may the luck of the Irish be with you all.

  2. That's a lot of cute!! Purrs to Sam

  3. They are a delight to see. Sorry we don't do too much on IG but I know people there will adore the kittens totally! Have a wonderful Sunday, and a happy St Gertrude's Day.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  4. Happy St Gertrude's Day, & St Patrick's too. Now as to the family—they totally rock. Dear little Sam. We do hope things develop a bit for him leg wise, but he sure has the get up and go to make a go of life and that is all that counts in my book!
    Have a lovely week
    Kitten Purrs